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I'll translate almost anything, be it plain text, manga, hentai, or even games. I'll only refuse to translate if it's something I hate.

The price depends on the amount of time I have to spend on it, but since I'm currently unemployed, I'll work for cheap. Though at the moment I have no examples of how much something would cost, since I'm new to commissions.

But generally speaking, plain text is cheapest, manga requires quite a bit of work, hentai is a bit more demanding in the SFX department, and a game will probably cost way too much unless it's a short one.

The ideal scenario for me is translating short stories and oneshots (be it manga or hentai), so I'll gladly take those.

Just contact me on my Discord server, in DMs MostlyHumanTLs#5380 or through email.

I mainly translate from Japanese into English, but I also know Spanish to the same level as English. I also speak Russian, but my writing level is low, so I probably won't translate into Russian.

Join my Discord server to talk to me and other readers in real time.

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