Otome Survival 11

3 minutes
543 words

Here's a chapter translated without rushing.

Keep reading to find more about a change to the short-lived daily release schedule.

It's dead. I killed it. It's not like I couldn't deliver this chapter on time if I rushed like like yesterday, but I deliberately chose not to rush because I didn't enjoy the translation process yesterday. And the main reason I do this is to entertain myself in a way productive way, so I can't have myself start hating it.

For that reason, the "schedule" from now on will be "maybe every day, probably every second day, rarely delayed for longer than two days". Basically, I'll try to release every day but if for some reason I can't do that I won't force myself to rush. I expect my translation speed to increase as I do it more, so maybe nothing will really change.

One thing of note is that I will stop translating the web novel while I work on the manga. I found switching from one to the other to be inefficient so I'll just focus on one of the two at a time. So this will be the last chapter of the web novel until I finish the second chapter of the manga, which should be in a couple of days since this one has a fairly large amount of redrawing to be done, along with three whole chapters of the web novel crammed into it, compared to the first chapter of the web novel that was all the first chapter of the manga covered.

Also, a somewhat important change, what was called "magician" will from now on be "sorcerer" (and "sorceress"). I got a bit confused when I first translated that because I had read ahead. There's actually no such thing as a "magician" in this story. Like, really, why would there be card tricks in a survival story? Stupid me.

PS. I wanted to somehow use only English symbols for the status, but had to give up. Well, at least it looks nice and readable, I think. Might have overdone it a bit, though.

Differences when compared to the light novel


  • [+] Something that was added in the light novel.
  • [–] Something that didn't make it into the light novel.
  • [≠] Some difference in details.
Show differences
  • [–] Mention of a month being 30 days and a year 360 days.
  • [+] Mention of the holy church forcefully changing the holiday from the original day of dark to the day of light.
  • [–] The downside of being a sorcerer.
  • [–] Her thoughts about assuming if Daily Life magic was the foundation for the six elements.
  • [+] Additional "Perhaps they had noticed but they still were unable to learn many elements simply because they lacked the time to train so many elements" after her questioning whether she was the first one to notice.
  • [≠] The phrase about there maybe being a catch like with Divine Protection was moved a bit further in the light novel, right before mentioning again that there may be a catch. I kinda like the web novel version better...

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