Otome Survival 13

2 minutes
258 words

A day late, but here you go.

Not much to say today. Or more like, lots of little things that amount to nothing more than idle ramblings, so I'll spare you from that.

Differences when compared to the light novel


  • [+] Something that was added in the light novel.
  • [–] Something that didn't make it into the light novel.
  • [≠] Some difference in details.
Show differences
  • [–] The status at the start of this chapter. I agree it's quite unnecessary, and the original has an error in it where it still kept the 13Up from the last chapter (which I removed), but it does serve to indicate that it's a new day because her magic power has recovered quite a bit.
  • [–] Mention of ten days being the speed it took to learn a new spell for a sorcerer who had already mastered other spells.
  • [≠] In the web novel the seeds needed a special way to process them for long-term storage and the fruit's flesh helped with preventing the diffusion of the magic power, but in the light novel it was simply due to the fruit itself looking more "fresh".
  • [+] The phrase "I obediently nodded at the grandpa’s words" when agreeing to the price of the magic-scented fruits.
  • [–] Her mentioning not even being a resident of the town when talking about not even being friends with the siblings.

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