Otome Survival 18

4 minutes
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Sorry for the long delay, I was...canoeing?

I have "acquired" the first volume of the light novel, so I can now do better comparisons rather than just going from the light novel translation. It's in image format, so it's annoying to work with, but it's better than nothing. I haven't been able to "find" the second volume, though. I hope it becomes "available" at some point before I reach the related chapters.

I would love to buy them but I have no money, and I'd like the text to be selectable so I can copy it and do automated comparisons with the web novel to make it easier to spot differences, but from what I've seen most places DRM the books to hell and are really annoying to work with, so there's no real benefit for me to buy them at the moment.

I actually think this was a bad idea, because the translation time was longer than usual since I kept checking the raw of the light novel. I'll try not to look at it too much, but I'm always tempted.

And something I noticed is that the author did actually do quite a few corrections and small additions to context, but I'll be ignoring them when recounting the differences because that would take way too long. I'll mostly focus on story details and significant bits of text added or removed.

PS. I'm trying to make the fights as visceral as possible, so I may be taking some liberties with the translation at some points from now on. I think it's worth it.

Differences when compared to the light novel


  • [+] Something that was added in the light novel.
  • [–] Something that didn't make it into the light novel.
  • [≠] Some difference in details.
Show differences
  • [+] Viro adding "You should be able to see the shape with the flow of magic particles." when explaining how to use the normal Night Vision skill.
  • [+] Specific mention that the dwarves that live underground were "rock dwarves".
  • [–] Aria saying "...I can see them." when she tries to use the normal Night Vision as well.
  • [+] Aria describing how she managed to use the normal Night Vision's method. This is basically the same as the explanation that she gave before but in applied form. In the web novel it's simply implied that that's what she's doing.
  • [≠] While thinking about the skills that the bandits probably had, in the web novel Aria mentioned them for sure not having Stealth or Detection, and at best having Sword Arts, while in the light novel she mentioned sorcery and Detection and at best Sword Arts and Archery.
  • [≠] In the web novel Aria wipes away the ashes with her "muffler", which is incorrect because what she bought previously was a shawl, so I corrected it like in the light novel.
  • [≠] Not really a difference, but a mistranslation by the light novel's translator. The part where the man's frightened face turns expressionless. My translation where she sees her expressionless face reflected in the eyes of the dying man just like how it was when she killed that woman is the correct one. It's a running theme in the story that Aria sinks her emotions deep inside, which makes her look like a really eerie kid to her victims opponents.
  • [≠] Another mistranslation. In the web novel Aria worries that she'll be a hindrance to Viro because she'll have to call for his help (which is the correct version), while in the light novel translation she worries that the man who discovered her would call for help.

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