Otome Survival 19

4 minutes
744 words

Fecking hell, I hate this time of year. This chapter was almost done two days ago.

IMPORTANT: Chapter 4 of the manga is out and I'll be focusing on that, so no web novel releases until it's done.

Too many people want too many things when it's nearing Christmas. Not to mention that the temperature dropped really quickly over the last few weeks and now it's at 17ºC in my room most of the time. It goes up a bit when my tower computer is running, but I mostly translate on my crappy old school laptop that I was never asked to return while in bed. I finally took out the winter blanket yesterday, but that just made me want to hibernate even more.

I'm trying to make the swears used by Aria's opponents more varied and realistic. Japanese swears are really fecking boring, to be honest. It's not in their culture, apparently. If translated literally, they would mostly be "You!" and "You brat!" which I've never heard any reasonably pissed human being say. So expect those parts to be more "colourful" than the original.

In the author's note of this chapter it says that the next time will be the "last part of chapter one"...it's because novel structures are weird. Basically, this series is organised like this:

Parts, which contain Chapters, which contain these numbered releases that I usually call "chapters" but I don't actually know what they're called officially.

The author, whenever he mentions them in the notes, literally calls them a "story update", with the specific kanji 話 defined as "counter for stories, episodes of TV series, etc.", which I change to "chapter" so it makes sense. The correct translation for that "last part of chapter one" would probably be "last story update of chapter one". The problem is that the raw is literally "last of chapter one", so it doesn't actually fecking specify this shite.

The thing is, these "chapter" numbers don't even actually matter, since they're just there to divide the story into smaller sections to be released in the web novel. So really, they should be called sections. It's proven by the fact that the light novel drops the numbers and combines the "chapters" that are further broken down into "parts" like was the case with the three Forest Survival "chapters".

I'll keep calling these sections "chapters" because it sounds better, but I just wanted to rant about how annoying this is to me.

Differences when compared to the light novel


  • [+] Something that was added in the light novel.
  • [–] Something that didn't make it into the light novel.
  • [≠] Some difference in details.
Show differences
  • [+] Since in the web novel she wasn't made to fight goblins by Viro, she only mentions not counting him when she says that this would be her first real battle.
  • [≠] In the web novel the man's combat strength was exactly 90, but in the light novel it was left more vague at "nearly 100".
  • [+] Aria thinking that she still had no intention to withdraw after mentioning that she would also find herself eerie in that situation.
  • [≠] In the web novel Aria kept her vigilance towards only projectile weapons at a medium level, while in the light novel it was a low level of vigilance towards both projectile weapons and sorcery.
  • [≠] In the light novel Aria mentioned that the dark magic particles would scatter the light automatically so it wasn't that difficult, but in the web novel it was hard to shoot them to a particular direction (and studying Noise helped her with that) but it still worked even if they were scattered.
  • [≠] In the web novel Aria mentioned the bandit chief's level two sword skill no longer being too fast to dodge even with her level one dagger skill, but in the light novel it changed to her level one martial arts.
  • [–] The part about her not needing to carelessly step closer to the dying man. Not actually something that was cut, but something that the translator of the light novel left out for some reason.
  • [–] Viro saying that the sword isn't too bad when explaining where it came from. The "amazed you won" part is also rearranged a bit in the light novel.

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