Otome Survival 8

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263 words

Another chapter here we go~!

I think my original goal of improving my Japanese is actually being realised. I noticed a considerable decrease in the need to hover over a word to look up its reading and meanings with Yomichan. The the ingrained habit is still there, but it's steadily becoming more of a way to look up similar words to aid the editing process.

Differences when compared to the light novel


  • [+] Something that was added in the light novel.
  • [–] Something that didn't make it into the light novel.
  • [≠] Some difference in details.
Show differences
  • [–] The whole section about her cooking the snake plus other things. Makes sense it was cut, since it almost makes it seem that she's eating lavishly. Also, that part about the pottery was useless for sure. Don't remember her becoming a professional potter in the future, even if she does create such things with Hard at times.
  • [–] The whole block of text that starts with her mentioning that she "wanted to get to the neighbouring town by next morning even if she had to take a lot of breaks" until her wondering if a diet of multiple elements would make her healthier.
  • [+] Her saying that if it was something she could do, she'd do it as much as possible, before starting to train Light and Dark.
  • [–] The description of how to use Wind after Water was described.

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