Otome Survival Manga 1

2 minutes
298 words

It's my first time doing manga stuff so feedback is appreciated. There you go.

That was quite fun, to be honest. I didn't realise it until I had finished, but I quite enjoyed "redrawing" (though I was mostly just using the clone tool, until I realised that lines were easier to do with a paintbrush facepalm).

I kinda cheated, since most of the text was already something I translated in the web novel version. There were some differences, though. I won't be listing them because the mediums are a bit too different, but it's fair to say that the story probably follows the light novel.

Because I was spending quite a bit of time on each page, I had the opportunity to actually pay attention to the art. Usually, and I reckon this is how it goes for most people, I read fast and only take quick glances at the drawings. For this chapter I had to redraw some things, so I ended up noticing how what was described with text in the web novel got translated into art. It was quite interesting to see.

I decided to ignore the SFX for now. I'm just not sure whether people would even care in the first place, and it would add a lot of redrawing work for me.

I don't have manga reader functionality on my site, but just posting the images in a long strip works fine anyway. And I'm not sure whether there's a need to put the endnote on my own site, but I did it in case someone steals it (though I'd expect them to just not include it, but who knows). I'm gonna be uploading my releases on MangaDex once I'm given access, so it'll definitely be needed there.

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