Otome Survival Manga 5

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198 words

I'm really sorry. Extremely belated fifth chapter.

Life was hell for a while. I'm "fine" now. I want to complain, but there's so much to complain about that it's pointless. Only thing I'll mention is that I will probably not get hired. Sad.

Anyway, this past month I realised that the only times I felt happy the past year is when I received money from my Patreon supporters. Rather than the money itself (which is extremely appreciated), it was more the fact that someone was willing to part with their hard-earned money to prove to me that my work is appreciated. Sure, a few words of thanks are good too, but money is the "realest" way to show that.

So, I decided to open commissions. I don't have any clue as to how much I should charge for how much work. I'll just go by feel. And at the moment I feel that it'll be quite cheap, since I'm unemployed, which means my time is worthless.

I'm fine with translating almost anything. Come to my Discord server or send me an email to discuss the material and what it would cost.

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