Otome Game no Heroine de Saikyou Survival @COMIC

Strongest Survival with an Otome Game’s Heroine @COMIC

Manga creator: Wakasa Kobato
Original story: Harunohi Biyori
Character draft: Hitaki Yuu
Raw: seiga.nicovideo.jp
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The web novel version is being translated by me
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Alicia is an orphan living in Ciel, a world of swords and magic. One day, she discovers that she is "the heroine of an otome game". Even the death of her parents was simply part of the story.

Alicia decisively rejects the heroine's role as "nonsense". Taking the name "Aria" as an adventurer, she gradually grows into the "Ash-crowned Princess of Slaughter" who wields multiple weapons and magic!

But, when she receives a request to escort a "villainess", without realizing it she finds herself caught up in the stage of the game where nobles struggle against each other...?

"I am 'me'. I'm not a character in a game!"

Create weapons! Train skills!
Survive battles against strong enemies and destroy the otome game!
A fierce and exhilarating otherworldly battle fantasy with a fighting heroine!

Chapter 1

1 minute
87 words

Chapter 2

1 minute
109 words

Chapter 3

1 minute
62 words

Chapter 5

1 minute
98 words

Chapter 5.5

5 minutes
931 words