Chapter 5.5

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I was born in a certain town of a barony. I didn't know what the town was called. I was only four years old, so I never really cared about it.

Dad's name was Oscar, and he was a soldier of our town. He didn't have a belly like the uncle of the bakery, nor did he look like an uncle at all. But, he said, he was a platoon commander? So he was a little distinguished.

Dad was young but strong, so he was acting as a commanding officer. Mum told me to keep it a secret, but he used to be a knight who came here to marry her.

Dad was strong. His hands and back were big. He would lift me up with one hand and put me on his shoulder.

But he could never win against Mum... Why? Was he scared?

"Alicia, can you come for a bit?"


Mum called me. There was a good smell coming from the kitchen, maybe she was baking a pie?

"Mum, I'm here!"

"Can you come over here for a bit?"

Mum's name was Cheryl, and she was very beautiful. She had the same pinkish blonde hair as me, and she was always smiling. ...Though she was very scary when I snacked in secret.

"What do you think of this?"


Mum, wearing an apron, gave me a small plate and I guessed she wanted me to taste it, so I tried scooping it out with my finger to lick it...



Mum's silent smile reminded me of her previous warning, so I scooped it up with the little spoon provided and gave it a lick.

"Hmmm~, a bit spicy."

"Spicy, huh... Then maybe I'll add a little more milk."

I preferred a sweet stew with lots of milk. But Mum seemed to like a slightly spicy stew that had a yellowish colour. Though when it came time to eat it, Mum and Dad's portions seemed to be even spicier.

"Well, you see, this is my granny's... Your great-granny taught me this stew called 'curry'. You'll like it when you grow up a bit more."


Sometimes I heard stories about Mum's granny, who was a peculiar person, coming up with new dishes and cooking them in a way never seen before. Dad also liked it, but because of the expensive spices required, we only made it once a year.

...What's happening today?

"Ah, is it Dad's birthday?"

"That's right. Dad likes spicy food, doesn't he?"

So that's why. Dad liked spicy food. Mum and Dad were from south of here. Spices were cheaper there, so the food was spicier than here.

"Mmmmmm~. Then, you can make it spicy!"

"Oh, are you sure? Even if it tastes sweet, Dad will be happy to eat it with you, you know?"

"Nope, I want what Dad likes!"

"Yeah, you're right. Thanks, Alicia."

Mum hugged me and patted me on the back.

I liked Mum's smell. The neighbourhood sisters also gave me hugs, but Mum's flowery smell was the best.

But in the end, I couldn't eat dinner because it was too spicy for me, so Mum laughed and prepared a sweet one for me. Dad also laughed and tore off a piece of the special white bread, which he fed to me with that same hand.

Dad was strong and kind. Dad loved Mum a lot and, according to her, he spoiled me a lot too.

Dad never got angry at me. He responded very kindly whenever I did something wrong.

One day, I had a fight with my friend. She liked rabbits, so when I told her that I ate rabbit meat, she got angry and hit me.

Why is she angry? The butcher sells rabbits, too. So we fought and I came home crying, and Dad, who was on break, put me on his lap and listened to my story.

"Do you dislike cute rabbits, Alicia?"

"No. But we all eat meat, right? And yet she got angry and hit me."

"Right, but you see, Alicia. People have their own sense of justice and point of view. A thing that is important to one person may not be important to someone else."

"The important things aren't the same?"

"Who do you like more, me or her dad?"


"But for that girl, she likes her dad more than me."


"Oscar...that's still too complicated for Alicia."

When I tilted my head to what Mum said, Dad lifted me up and hugged me as he laughed.

"That's right... Alicia."


Dad looked at me and spoke slowly.

"Think of it like this... Nobody's evil from the bottom of their heart, so become someone who can smile and forgive others."


"Do you dislike that girl?"


"Then, make up with that girl tomorrow."


Dad hugged me and Mum embraced us tightly.

Mum smelled of flowers. Dad smelled a bit of earth and grass...and I loved that smell too.

Happy days. I believed that such happiness would last forever.

But, one day, that happiness was lost forever when monsters attacked our town...


Instead of that happiness, I clasped a blade.

What was lost cannot be recovered. There is no substitute for the two people I loved. Even if those deaths were for someone's sake—

"I will slay even fate."







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